DesignDot's Style Process

β€œThe design process begins with the end in mind and we work for clients with a range of budgets. To complete a project for a client within their means, we consider existing furnishings, colors, and patterns that already live within the clients home. Anything new that is brought into the design plan is current and fresh, having found its place after careful and thoughtful consideration of how it's characteristics fit into the existing environment. These design skills are our principles and the mindset we bring to each project, whether it is a style diary, residential, or editorial job.”

DesignDot Services

"DesignDot will custom tailor a program to suit your needs. Using our Style Diaries, design partners, and convienent online Marketplace, we have everything you need. "


Design plans are created using products that are purchased together by the designer and client.  In residential design, we focus on quality furnishing lines only available through designer sales programs.


Every commercial space is created keeping the business' needs at the forefront of our design plans. DesignDot will source products that will suit your commercial needs while transforming your space from a "place of business" into the "third place" for consumers.

Style Diaries

By defining your design style then shopping together online, we allow our client to utilize our large retailers and online sources. Your choices are incorporated into a 3-D render which may also be included with this service if space planning is a priority.