DesignDot has pioneered a forward thinking approach to the design business.

DesignDot was born from an idea that design should be fun, affordable and personal. Creativity and innovation stems from the relationship between designer and client. We offer several types of services, specifically tailored to accomplish the varied goals of our customers.  The surprises should come from the inventive approach to creative, not from budgetary demands. 

We are comprised of a community of hand-selected, established independent designers who explore and share ideas together to offer greater impact to every DesignDot project. We are successful when our clients have enjoyed each step of the process and can take personal pride in the end result.

Our unique use of technology and shared media will provide clients with a visual roadmap of current and future projects. We aim to provide each client with a comfortable means of purchasing goods under the careful guidance of a trained professional. We recognize that many of our clients may already be eager design consumers utilizing online sources. We too have embraced current technology and can quickly synthesize ideas into a customized design plan. 

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