Going Green 2017

    A new year comes with new ideas and resolutions, maybe you have made the decision to eat healthier. While you’re adding fresh greens to your plate, you should welcome those same shades of green into your home, and 2017 is giving us an opportunity to do so. Pantone has introduced Greenery as the color of the year, which just so happens to symbolize “new beginnings.”

    This past year neutrals and winter whites were spreading across homes in New England. Now, Pantone is encouraging what they consider “nature’s neutral” to bring a revitalization into 2017. Amidst our complex social and political environment in 2016, this color could not have come at a better time!

    So how can you add this color in your home? We cannot wait to discover and create new ways to incorporate this earthy tone. It is becoming true that greens, even as vibrant as this, can be used as a neutral base. Just like nature, there are many schemes that can be built upon the use of Greenery. Upcoming design trends are telling us that this will be a year of mixing bold colors, patterns, and textures just as we see in nature.

    As a catalyst for the design world, the runway showcased mixtures of patterns and layered textures. Gucci and Prada blended this now famous green with striking images. Goodbye to the belief that statement pieces cannot be “busy.” Pattern lovers can include mismatched pieces to any room. What will be layered on top of patterns? Engaging and earthy textures! Furniture and accessories will be finished with comforting, soft materials that make an impact. According to Elle Décor, we will continue to see faux furs, velvet, and soft cotton with large pleats and folds. Notice how this arm chair and ottoman by La Grange De S. combines a all of the above with its craftsmanship. 

    Speaking of which, 2017 will see a large jump in artesian finishing. Ceramics and glassware are becoming more prevalent. Glass vases and ornate light fixtures may be making a larger impact than rustic wood wall décor. Like this crystal chandelier found on Delve Décor, you can add decorative artistry with fine details to give your space a unique style. 

    From the runway to inside our homes, these trends are combining nature with luxury to create a refreshing environment. Prior to this January we saw an explosion of subtle neutrals, rustic chic, and DIY. While we yearn for a change in the world, Pantone’s Color of the Year already brings a new beginning. We are excited to see if the introduction to the earthy vibrant Greenery and following trends will change the model of interior design.

Marketplace Design goes live! Meet Designs By Human

DesignDot is thrilled to announce that our design studio, located inside The Summer House on 107 Cherry Street, will be hosting Designs By Human on Saturday, November 5th! The team, consisting of Joe Human and Kia Scott, are part of DesignDot's Marketplace of affiliated designers. This amazing team will be on hand from 10am-2pm to help you design everything from your Pied­à­terre in the city to a commercial real estate space that needs a fresh perspective!

Designs By Human, are a young and vibrant design company based in New York City, since 2008 they have brought their love of design to life through a multitude of different projects. With over 12 years of professional design and construction experience in both urban and suburban environments, Designs By Human has been able to tailor each project to their clients’ specific needs. Their work has been featured in many print and online publications including; "Elle Decor", "Dering Hall", “Design Bureau Magazine”, “The Kitchen Bible”, and “This Old House Magazine”. Designing comes naturally to Joe, growing up in Idaho he spent the majority of his life watching his father, who was a builder, create and execute marvelous structures.


Our Marketplace Design is an open studio space that is fully stocked with textiles as well as furnishings courtesy of The Summer House's vast array of home decor lines. We encourage people to come and explore the world of design and if they need assistance, to book time with one of our onsite designers on either Thursday's or Saturday's between 10am and 2pm. To book an appointment you can call The Summer House boutique directly or email info@thedesigndot.com. Our onsite design service is complimentary therefor all goods will be sold at floor pricing through The Summer House boutique, however purchasing of any goods is entirely optional and ultimately up to the client. Our goal is to encourage both the average shopper as well as perspective clients to be both inspired and delighted through experiential design.



  DesignDot believes that the soul of design is a mix of outside inspiration and a true collaboration of ideas! We strive to find the perfect marriage between the two for each individual client, which is why we created our Style Diary service as well as our open Marketplace Design opportunities. Through these unique services, which are specifically tailored to be reflective of the client’s desires and design goals, we are able offer a high level of interior design skill and knowledge that will fit into even the busiest client's lifestyle!


    For more information please visit our website at www.thedesigndot.com or call The Summer House for Marketplace Design appointment at (203)594-9550.