The Wanted


THE WANTED: Last Sunday myself and Savannah headed into NYC to WantedDesign, an international design showing of various products made for interiors from around the world, including places in the states like Detroit, Bridgeport, and Brooklyn. IMG_0003IMG_0005IMG_0007

Not REALLY WANTing to take the time out of my weekend to trek into the city...I'm pretty happy at home on the weekends...The products covered a range of perspectives on interior space.

Gorgeous and sustainably constructed light sources.


Objects that talk to you offering a human experience.  Think of Pixar's short film and the clicking lamp.


Products created in new design markets.


And products likely to be in the hands of trendy, and influential buyers.


Photos showed up in popular Instagram feeds like Apartment Therapy.  ... hey, we captured some of these, too... cool!

thumb_IMG_0203_1024 IMG_0101 thumb_IMG_0210_1024

I really want this table for me.


I loved going to WantedDesign.

Creative people marketing design.

Which is my job, now.  Designdot at Work.  Consider a $250 style diary.

I'll work for you and guide inspired.

thumb_IMG_0016_1024 thumb_IMG_0026_1024

My Design... a diary ...products purchased over time by the client... check out Designdot on Houzz to see more images and new portfolio pics coming this summer to

thumb_IMG_0056_1024 to feed my kids... another week's end...

Happy Designing.

- xx




Our mission at Designdot is simple, to give our clients the gift of design.

We believe that good design comes from inspiration and collaboration. We greatly value individuality and cultivate the client’s own ownership of their dwellings with passion and enthusiasm.  We value the diversity of design perspectives and greatly respect the collaborative process.

Via the unique services we provide, we can offer a high level of interior design at affordable rates.  Unlike that of our competitors, our approach is extremely tailored and client centered.  We offer an array of a la carte and affordable opportunities that are specifically adapted to the client’s goals and expectations.   We delve in to the design philosophy of the client and work to fully understand the direction and scope of the project.

We aim to provide each client with a comfortable means of purchasing goods under the careful guidance of a trained professional.  We recognize that many of our clients may already be eager design consumers, utilizing online sources.  We too have embraced current technology and can quickly synthesize ideas into a custom design plan.

At Designdot, our hope is to provide a foundation for continued design inspiration for all of our clients.