Why does it look so pretty?!

Jane Beiles of Jane Beiles Photography was gracious enough to photograph my first editorial project.  A project whose result was so spectacular and interesting that it was ready to be captured in high definition, quality images useful in an editorial way, a home magazine, drawing in readers with written subject matter that is oh so interesting and that provides copy to go alongside oh those lovely dreamy photos.  Oh the pressure!

Let's be honest, it is not easy to live in a home that is photo ready ALL the time.  My family will tell you that I try... I make everyone pick up... I stay on top of laundry and dishes, or employ some help to do so... But it is not really enjoyable to live like this unless there is a small staff residing in a wing of my modest sized home... Uh... Nope... No staff.

So... We style! Stylists and designers and photographers...we bring props.  We move things, and set the shot.  We illustrate the design and style of the room as experienced in 3D, but now in 2D.

The most beautifully decorated homes have photo ready spaces.  But not many of us really do.  Things move around - are used.  Washed and replaced.  Then it's time to style and stage again.

Enjoy this quick video.  More editorial projects to come.  Hopefully my nerves will be more practiced by then.  I'm working on my enjoyment level, Jane.  "In it to win it!"

Beautiful results - thank you Jane.

xx - Megan