Millennial Transitions

Welcome 2016! We all know this year will be full of growing children, graduates moving into their first apartments, and plenty of new "at home" businesses attempting to reclaim some of the house for work.

Whether your growing child isn't so little anymore, your senior in high school is going away to college, or you are setting up an office in your home, all year will be full of changes. Our Style Diary service is here to provide you with the best way to transition into the world of multi-purpose homes.

If your little one is turning from a tween into a teen, your living room may be turning into the new hangout, which means you may have to "teen proof" your space. With our Style Diaries it’s simple; visit our Marketplace and gather some ideas on what colors work best with young adolescents. Maybe that lamp that you’ve have next to the couch might need some rearranging, or your coffee table is a little too small. No worries! We have the answers you need here at Designdot. We love change.

It can be difficult when your teen goes away to college. Some parents suffer from empty nest syndrome. Making a new space for yourself is a key way to feeling better. Change is a good thing. Make a new space with us and enjoy fresh, new beginnings.

The internet has changed our work environments, which have become a part of our living spaces at home. Writers like myself can now work offsite on projects on the go. Brokers can facilitate trades at their kitchen table, teachers can teach from their bedrooms using sites such as Blackboard and Moodle. It’s easier to have a room designated for work. Setting aside a specific space for a home office can be quite a challenge though, so if you need help designing your perfect work space, we at Designdot are here to help. Lets work together!