Meet Olley Court

Olley Court, Ridgefield CT

Olley Court is a boutique design lifestyle shop, specializing in home furnishings and residential design. They are located on 418 Main Street in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Olley Court is owned by Susan Buzaid and Robin Curnan, who opened the store in 2007 with the goal of providing a unique place to shop for local art and exceptional items from around the world. The pair originally met while working in the fashion industry. Realizing they both had a passion for home design, they put their skills to work creating a space for those seeking a little more then the average home decor store. The shops name pays homage to Robin's mother's maiden name and her British roots.

From the moment you turn the golden door knob you are surrounded by a well edited collection of home furnishings, art, jewelry, and clothing. The owners pride themselves on finding exceptional pieces from both local and global vendors, giving an air of freshness in what seems like an oversaturated design market. Their goods are organic in nature and their variety is a rich assortment of modern and transitional pieces. They offer everything from hand blown glass, apparel made from Brooklyn to Belgium, and hand woven palm baskets from Mexico.

After being open for nine years, Olley Court has evolved from a small store occupying 950sq ft, to a full service interior design boutique. They don't only help you choose pieces to accent your home but can help conceptualize a design plan and execute it with you!

The appeal of Olley Court services a diverse population, they are both affordable and luxurious, always keeping up with current design trends from around the world. Susan and Robin make sure the focus is based on what their clientele truly wants while expanding their global knowledge of design.

If you are in the market to spruce up your home or even buy a quick gift, do yourself a favor and visit Olley Court, their variety of decor does not disappoint and will illuminate your living space.

Designdot loves to work with local boutiques and designers, and Olley Court is one of our favorites! You can find out more about their offerings and shop their goods from our website, just visit the Design Partners tab on our website.

Meet the Marketplace!

Who doesn't want a convenient deal? I want to change the design of my bathroom wallpaper, but lately, I’ve been pressed for time. I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time now but, I haven't gotten a chance to even begin my search for wallpaper. Between working 40+ hours a week and making time for my family, I don’t even know where to start my search for bathroom appliances. Ideally, I’d like to go to a design retail store but, I know that’s not going to be feasible anytime soon. The more I tell myself, “yeah, I’ll make it to store soon, the next free day I have”, the more it gets delayed and my bathroom stays the same. I can’t just choose any design for my bathroom, it has to be the right color and pattern. I won’t feel comfortable showering in a room that is just thrown together for the sake of getting it done, it would just be an eyesore. After months of doing nothing, I decided to research some professional design websites and still I had no luck. I didn’t really know what to look for, the choices were just so overwhelming, which website should I even start with? My world changed when my boss Megan came to me with a great idea to help clients, like myself, who don’t really know what they’re looking for. Together, our team created the Designdot Marketplace. Our marketplace is a convenient way for consumers to make shopping easy and fun. Simply go to our website and click on the marketplace tab and there you will see a generous selection of different retail stores that you can order from through our website. Some of the stores we offer are; Antique Farm House, One Kings Lane, Belle & June, Loom Decor, and Minted. It’s like using Seamless to order food; there are multiple restaurants listed and if you visit their website you can access all of them in one spot. Designdot now offers multiple established retail design merchants, with more stores being added regularly. Come visit our website, click on the retail store you’d like to browse, and let your design experience begin. No more researching different retailers for hours, no more sifting through Google for ideas, or jumping from website to website. We've brought some of the best and it’s all in one spot. How convenient, right?

Visit our marketplace for more details on how to make your shopping experience easier.