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Collaboration and support make it easier to grow your business.

As a group of independent designers, we understand the challenges you face while trying to grow your practice. The creative process takes time but so do the other components of your business – marketing, sourcing goods, purchasing, invoicing, installation and most important customer service. To support your growth, DesignDot offers different service options and contracts to help manage your design practice.

business concierge Services

For designers seeking back office support, DesignDot's Business Concierge Service can help streamline workflow and potentially provide better pricing for goods through our to-the-trade accounts. Services may include:

  • Project contracts that include scope of work and billing

  • Fabric and textile sample library

  • Purchasing and client invoicing

  • Order management including product availability, follow-up, delivery and installation

  • Subscription to DesignDot's studio for work and meeting space

Contact us today to schedule a meeting to see if these services your business growth needs. Current office hours are Mon / Wed / Fri from 10 am - 3 pm.

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DesignDot is always looking for talented designers and junior designers to join our team. Contact us to learn what being a DesignDot designer can do for your business.

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