DesignDot provides design service options that can be tailored to your specific project needs and support your creative vision. Our initial complimentary consultation helps us learn more about your goals and recommend the best service for your project.


Get started with our innovative program that provides an inspiring road map for design. Your selected designer provides a home visit, considers your existing style and develops a cohesive, comprehensive plan. Style Diary includes a customized floor plan and a complete list of all furnishings, textiles and accessories needed to complete the look. The list specifies where-to-purchase and pricing information. The client can then procure any or all of the items in the plan at his or her own pace.  

StyleDiary Fee: $1,800

total style (by the hour)

DesignDot can handle every aspect of your design needs. Our team of experienced designers will provide advice and guidance on lifestyle and interior design decisions for architecture, materials and furnishings. We offer our clients access to custom resources not available on a retail level and direct our clients to retail purchases when that's the best choice.

We offer a complimentary meeting to determine project scope and estimate cost. Design services can be structured in a way that works best for each project and may include:

  • Story boards that reflect your individual style

  • General contracting

  • Architectural services

  • Project Management

  • Scaled drawings with room layout and furnishings

  • Mood boards with items to purchase

  • Fabric samples from the DesignDot Studio Library

  • Personal shopping

  • Discounted prices on goods via to-the-trade pricing

  • Custom-made items with detailed design specifications

  • Concierge service for purchases, deliveries and installations

Project hours are estimated in advance | Hourly rates range from $85 - $250


Megan Wunderlich Designs

home styling + STAGING

We can bring new meaning to a space any time - for a weekend guest, for a rental property or for a potential buyer. Working as a “set designer,” DesignDot will create a welcoming environment that will enable the individuals to envision themselves in the space. Our team will lay out the property to create a comfortable lifestyle concept. Through creative use of new and existing furnishings combined with texture and color, we will develop a conceptualized point-of-view to enhance an emotional connection with the space. 

We offer a complimentary meeting to determine your goal before we start working on your project.
Project pricing by the hour | Hourly rates range from $85 - $125


Debbie Jackson Interiors