Self Guided Tours and Design Careers

Let us introduce you to the world of interiors

The creative process takes time and so do the other components of your design projects and practices – sourcing goods, purchasing, invoicing, installation and returns. To support your growth, DesignDot offers different service options and contracts to help you manage it all.

For self guided and practicing designers, we offer a $94/month studio subscription.

For the self guided designer, we help you explore design resources. Our DesignDot Concierge will provide you with tools, tips and resources when designing for yourself.

For the practicing designer, your client is yours, but DesignDot offers the back office support so you can focus your creativity.

Services may include:

  • Meeting Local Vendors

  • Inspiration Library (Fabrics, Products, Textiles)

  • Studio workspace with CAD (Computer Assisted Drawing)

  • Pricing for Goods Through Our Trade Accounts

  • Expandable Teams (Field Assistant, Architects, etc)

  • Ordering & Billing services (invoicing, order management, delivery, installation)

Contact Megan Today to schedule a studio tour! Current office hours are Monday - Saturday from 8 am - 3 pm.

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