This room is for a client of mine who moved from an apartment in Chicago to a house in Detroit. She wanted a sitting room near the front door that could also be used to meet clients and store files. She had the hex side table and I chose the other pieces for functionality and to fit her style.


Renee’s love of design was born from the belief that a home is one of the most important things in life. She and her husband began fixing up houses and selling them twenty years ago while Renee was still working as a social worker. Renee later became a licensed realtor, was certified in staging and pursued a design education at Fairfield University. Renee was excited by the creative challenges staging brings and immersed herself in it. Clients were so impressed by her design savvy; they began requesting her services to help establish them in their new homes. DesignDot offers Renee an opportunity to share her enthusiasm with clients and to further her own creative knowledge and experience.